$25 / $25 Tuesday — Thursday

Spend $25 at lunch, and we will give you $25 to spend at dinner! Can’t beat that!!!

Overlooking the Currituck Sound From the Waterfront Shops in Duck

Our menu always leans toward local and sustainable seafood: the  Outer Banks original farm to table restaurant. We let Mother Nature be our guide, which is sensible and practical since seasonal foods are less expensive, fresher and more abundant, and most importantly, we know exactly where they came from.

For the past 29 years, our food philosophy has remained the same – keep our dishes simple, consistent and seasonal. We want to impress you with our quality and present a balanced dish that makes sense in both texture and flavor.

The Blue Point has always had strong roots in Southern cooking. We now employ the techniques of brining, curing, pickling and smoking, as well as, sausage making for pork, seafood and vegetables. Our Tidewater, Virginia upbringing provided us with a strong foundation in Southern traditions. We carry those values from there to here, our sound front location in Duck, where they remain the backbone of both our service and our food. When you think of us think Southern, Coastal and Seasonal.